With R4i you can generate your IETP delivery as a standard HTML output. This provides tablet devices with the ability to view the IETP content from any Web Server.

HTML IETP’s can be viewed online or downloaded to Android devices. For Apple iPad tablets, IETPs that are generated from the R4i CSDB are placed onto a web server by the IT Department and a link is created. The link will provide end users with the ability to access the content that is contained in the IETP.

The creation of the content is pre-filtered for applicability so that the end users have access to the correct information based on the parameters of the equipment.

Once R4i’s HTML IETP is created and published the IETP will have:

  • Search – ability to search for specific text within the IETP;
  • Presentation – content is controlled by XSLT and converted to HTML;
  • Interface – customised interface to support touch on tablets.


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