A royalty-free application for R4i Common Source Database customers, the R4i Viewer® is an intelligent content access tool for operators and maintainers.

It is utilized by leading organizations around the world, including the U.S.Air Force, the Italian Air Force, the Australian Department of Defence, the Royal Air Force (UK), and U.S. Coast Guard, to name just a few.

R4i Viewer®

The R4i Viewer® provides maintainers and operators with an interactive and unified view of manuals, e-learning courseware and maintenance job tasking.

Data packages are generated from the R4i CSDB Server® which are in turn ‘read’ by the R4i Viewer®, for off-line content, or log in to the CSDB Server for R4i Viewer online access.

Key Features:

  • The facility to generate an Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) change package, based on change & level attributes within S1000D Data Modules;
  • Advanced control of the IETP’s (or Technical Order’s) interaction and presentation to the maintainer;
  • Auto Generated Acronyms, Support Equipment and Consumables using content derived from your Procedural Data Modules;
  • Content control and technical information security via data encryption and IETP expiry;
  • Advanced search and book marking capabilities;
  • Display information based on applicability, including combinations such as tail number, vessel name or model variant;
  • Support for observed and detected fault codes, reducing system down time.

ADG’s R4i Viewer® has been approved for use on the U.S. Air Force Network and the Australian Defence Restricted Network (DRN).

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For detailed benefits of utilizing R4i Viewer, click here to view our R4i Viewer Brochure or contact us for a demonstration. For benefits of utilizing R4i ReViewer, click here.