The R4i Binder product suite is a powerful suite of productivity tools for building customized manuals, handbooks, operating procedures, and more. The product suite includes Binder Professional, Binder Standard and Binder Personal Edition (PE).

R4i Binder Professional

R4i Binder Professional (formerly known as Binder Workstation) is an optional module for the R4i CSDB Server® and is a flexible drag and drop system for organizations that require paper publications. You can build complete PDF Books that include cover pages, hyperlinked Tables of Contents (TOC) and a hyperlinked Indexes.

R4i Binder accesses ASD S1000D, DITA and other structured content held in the R4i CSDB Server’s database and processes the content using XSL-FO stylesheets. It can utilise FO stylesheets designed for any print standard, from the traditional Chapter/Section style publication, through to the more modular print utilized in S1000D.

It’s very easy to use. Users simply design the layout of their publication by dragging content from the CSDB view onto their layout view. The Book structure can then be saved to the library and a stylesheet applied to produce the PDF publication.

Key Features: 








  • Powerful drag and drop functionality
  • Direct access into the document repository, for access to only authorized and released documents
  • Book history of all PDFs and Change Packages produced (if you have the Change Packaging module)
  • Pre-built and saved book layout for fast, consistent, publication creation
  • No scripts, programming or development knowledge needed to publish content
  • No requirement for a specific XML/SGML authoring package to use with R4i Binder
  • Data can be SGML or XML, to any DTD or Schema specification

See how easy it is, here!
VIDEO: Transforming S1000D content into a book/PDF in 10 clicks

R4i Binder Standard  

R4i Binder Standard (formerly known as Binder Desktop) allows users to quickly and economically generate books and change packages for review – without the ability to formerly ‘release’ the PDF version. As with R4i Binder Workstation, R4i Binder Desktop can process XML and SGML content from any structure. To setup, manage and release an authorized version of a book, R4i Professional is required. For a complete list of R4i Binder Prefoessional vs Standard Features, click here.

See it in action, here!
VIDEO: How dragging a Publication Module into R4i Binder, can generate a PDF output of your book

R4i Binder Personal Edition (PE)

R4i Binder PE (Personal Edition) (formerly known as Binder XPS – eXtensible Print System) takes all the features of R4i Binder Professional and allows it to run stand-alone on a computer without requiring the R4i CSDB Server system. R4i Binder PE can easily transform any SGML or XML content, including ASD S1000D Data Modules and Publications Modules, and DITA XML included DITA book.ditamaps stored on a network drive into a hyperlinked PDF. R4i Binder PE automatically generates Front Matter, Back Matter, List of Effective Pages and Table of Contents.

If you are using a 3rd party CMS or S1000D CSDB without a print engine, or you are currently using an expensive or slow print system that is not meeting your print publishing expectations, R4i Binder XPS can easily process your Publications Module, Data Modules, DITA XML, DITA book.ditamaps or other SGML or XML content, producing high quality manuals.

If you have content that is regularly updated and distributed, R4i Binder PE includes the same powerful automatic Change Packaging capability included with R4i Binder Professional. This optional CP module will generate a change package that contains only information that has changed between publication releases.

See it here!

Video: How to Generate a PDF to the CAWG Specification, with R4i Binder

VIDEO: Publish a DITA Book Ditamap to PDF in 5 clicks using R4i Binder XPS


R4i Binder Client/Server

Take your SGML/XML print production to the next level.

R4i Binder Client takes all of the latest easy desktop features of R4i Binder Workstation and enables them as a Client interface to R4i Server, allowing multiple PDF’s to be generated at the same time server side.

With “unlimited” user access to the server, users profiles define whether a user can generate PDF’s and Change Packages, release PDF’s to the library, or simply access the PDF’s for proofing.

Change Packaging Module for the R4i Binder Suite

Need to create change/revision packages in a matter of minutes? Change Packaging Module extends the reach of R4i Binder Workstation, R4i Binder Desktop R4i Binder XPS, and R4i Binder Client/Server, and enables you to:

  • produce Change Packages with or without Change Mark-up content, with the Binder ‘differencing’ engine
  • output changed pages automatically, with or without change bars displayed (depending on style preference)
  • automatically generate files that reflect changed pages, including:
    • Table of Contents (TOC)
    • List of Figures (LOF)
    • List of Tables (LOT)
    • List of Effective Pages (LOEP)
    • Revision History Sheet
    • Index page
    • Store the full PDF and Change Package PDF in the library for archive and legacy purpose

For organizations that manually produce Change Pages, hundreds of thousands of dollars in people hours can be saved by implementing R4i Binder with Change Packaging.

eLearning SCORM module for R4i Binder Workstation

  • Re-use Technical content – The training team can drag and drop learning modules and combine them with the technical content in data modules to quickly produce a PDF training guide
  • Save weeks of time and output same content to SCORM – Take the same book designed for PDF in Binder, add SCORM attributes and export as a SCORM PIF. It is as easy as that!

See how easy it is, here!
VIDEO: Outputting changes in S1000D content as a Change Package PDF in 3 clicks

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