R4i LTS (LPD TO S1000D) supports the operation and maintenance of complex assets by extending logistics product data into dynamic S1000D electronic publications.

What is LPD?

LPD or Logistics Product Data, in military programs is commonly known as Logistics Support Analysis Records (LSAR). As the engineering data held in an LPD or LSAR database is the point of truth, it is obvious the benefits that could be obtained if we extract that information and use it as the basis for our S1000D Technical Documentation.Workflow-diagram

How it Works!

Before the development of an asset or piece of equipment, most engineering teams will go through an analysis process and then prepare their data in Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) or Logistics Product Data (LPD) database solution such as OmegaPS.  With an OmegaPS database being able to conform to latest industry data structures of SAE GEIA-STD-0007 and ASD S3000L, the R4i LTS tool is able to extract expected information and dynamically generate engineering approved ASD S1000D compliant content.  Once in S1000D, the other tools in the R4i S1000D Product Suite can be utilized to deliver to an S1000D Data Delivery, HTML IETM, PDF or advanced IETP’s with the free MobieTP and R4i Viewer. The same content can also be delivered into SCORM based e-Learning solutions and controlled distribution to touch devices via R4i CDMS, the Content Distribution and Management Server.


What data will R4i LTS generate from the LPD database?

When expected tables from an GEAIA-0007 and S3000L database are populated, the Data Module Code (DMC) and content for Descriptive, Procedural and Illustrated Parts Data will be generated. Common Information details, such as Warnings and Cautions, and illustrations are also output as part of the S1000D delivery. With the ability to retrieve this information from OmegaPS, the technical authors can reduce their documentation start-up time and costs by as much as 30%.


Find out more

For detailed benefits of utilizing R4i LTS, click here to view our R4i LTS Brochure or contact us for a demonstration.