R4i Data Module eXchanger automatically converts your legacy 2.x and 3.x S1000D content to 4.x


Faster, Easier S1000D Content Conversion

R4i Data Module eXchanger (DMX) provides an easy way to convert your legacy S1000D content to the newer versions. The processing engine can handle conversion from both SGML and XML legacy S1000D content. R4i DMX dramatically reduces the manual work effort involved in migrating to a new version, while ensuring project decisions for the v4.x series is configured.

As part of the conversion you can configure information contained within the Identification and Status Section, including assigning a specific BREX to be compliant to, during your conversion.

R4i DMX is licensed via Credit Packs purchased as required for conversion. Simply login to the Support Portal with R4i DMX and current credits available will be shown. During conversion, only content that is output as a valid file will be deducted from the credit balance. If the file fails to convert to a valid file, there is no charge and the error results are reported.


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For detailed benefits of utilizing R4i Data Module eXchanger, view our R4i Data Module eXchanger Brochure or contact us for a demonstration.