The ship, rail and automotive manufacturing industries rely on accurate data for their operator and maintenance manuals.

Many manufacturers still depend on out-dated, manual methods for utilising and storing their data. Their current source can be multiple spreadsheets and uncontrolled Word documents. The current tools and methods can be time-consuming and many instances of duplication in the content.

Manufacturers are realising the importance of intelligent, integrated content systems that can use re-use and leverage data, thus saving vast amounts of time and money.

Investing in integrated content systems saves time and money by:

  • Quickly and easily configuring new models or variants
  • Optimising maintenance procedures
  • Streamlining your procedures
  • Quickly producing user guides and other support documentation
  • Reduces delivery time (manufacturer to customer)
  • Increases operational effectiveness and reduces downtime
  • Increases maintainer and operator safety and skills
  • Is cost effective, easy to use and fast to implement

Industry specifications such as Shipdex (ship) , Raildex (rail) and S1000D (automotive) and technology supporting these specifications, allows for manufacturers and operators to obtain the many benefits detailed above.

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