Defense – ASD S1000D and MIL-STD’s

Defense Departments and their Equipment Manufacturers rely on accurate data in the design, build and management of their mission critical assets. Whether you’re producing defense-compliant ASD S1000D technical documentation, MIS-STD technical manuals or developing maintenance schedules, up-to-date information is critical.

With such data forming the foundation of any defense organization, government departments and defense companies are realizing the importance of intelligent, integrated content systems, which re-use and leverage data – saving vast amounts of time and money.

ADG’s range of software products offers defense and aerospace organizations a powerful combination of ASD S1000D, ATA iSPEC 2200, and MIL-STD compliant software, including Common Source DataBase (R4i CSDB Server®), XML Authoring (R4i Writer),  Print Publishing (R4i Binder) and royalty-free IETM/IETP Viewers (R4i Viewer® and R4i MobieTP).  Throw in our integrated SCORM compliant online learning system (Skills M5), and you have all the tools you need to improve efficiency and know the ‘known state’ of any of your assets or products, at any point in time.

Benefits from using S1000D and ADG’s R4i Product Suite

  • Genuine continuous improvement and resourcing efficiency
  • Fewer out of date paper documents in the field
  • Multiple format types – paper, PDF, web, CD, in-vehicle
  • Consistency and accuracy across all information
  • Reduced duplication between engineering, manufacturing and maintenance teams
  • Increased speed to market for new products
  • Reduced risk management, knowing the ‘known state’ of any asset

ADG’s Heritage in Defense

ADG has extensive experience working within complex, secure defense and enterprise network environments.

Since 2013 the U.S. Air Force Communications Agency (AFCA), certified ADG’s R4i Viewer® v8.x for use on the Air Force Global Information Grid.

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