Airbus (A350) and Boeing (Dreamliner), Bombardier (C Series Program), Mitsubishi Regional Jet, COMAC and Irkut Air Manufacturing Programs have all chosen S1000D as the Specification to be utilized for delivery of technical documentation with all future aircraft deliveries.


As a system or component manufacturer to the air manufacturing industry you may be required to deliver your CMM and IPC manuals to the S1000D specification. Do you know where to start?

It is quicker and easier than you think with ADG’s R4i S1000D software Suite

First – What is S1000D?

S1000D takes data re-use, exchange and delivery to the next level, beyond anything that was implemented with the ATA Spec 2100 and iSpec 2200 data formats.  Click here for more detailed information on S1000D.


Every Prime or OEM implementing S1000D has a set of Business Rules that their suppliers must conform to when delivering documentation with their component delivery.

One of the items that will always be documented in the Business Rules is what version and schema types the data must be delivered to.  The Airbus A350 program has requested S1000D 4.1, and Boeing has requested versions 3.0 and 4.0, with the A400M program using version 2.3.

Whether you are delivering your components to Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, or other aircraft OEM’S; or delivering to multiple aircraft types for the one Manufacturer, ADG S1000D Suite can manage every version for your S1000D deliverables.


A lot of S1000D Vendors will bundle in tools that you don’t need for your commercial aviation data delivery. ADG have pre-packaged a set of specific S1000D tools that allow quick and easy delivery of the required S1000D Data Delivery Note (DDN) with Publication Modules (PM), Data Modules (DM) and Images (ICN), along with Print Stylesheets to ensure you can still deliver your printed/PDF version of IPC and CMM Manuals.

The R4i Suite starts as a single user system for small teams, and is upgradeable to a larger multi-user system as the team grows. The single user CSDB system can be installed in 30 minutes, without IT support!

If deliverable requirements are extended or more is required with another OEM and you are requested to deliver Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETPs), simply license the IETP generation module and ship your IETP content with ADG’s free to distribute S1000D Viewer (R4i Viewer).

The R4i S1000D suite is very modular, allowing tools to be added and removed based on your deliverable requirements.

Independent Technical Writer – S1000D Authoring Software

Are you an independent technical author who prepares S1000D technical content for specialist component manufacturers, but you have never been able to afford the right tools for the job?

Look no further, independent authors can now easily create high quality S1000D operational and maintenance information without purchasing an entire S1000D Software Suite. R4i Writer PE is a standalone S1000D XML authoring tool with “DM Drive” for data management!

A Hosted S1000D Platform

Still feel the investment in hardware and software to deliver S1000D Technical data is too great at this point? ADG together with our sister company OneStrand offer a S1000D SAAS model via the OneStrand AIR platform.  For a small monthly fee, gain access to cloud based (hosted) S1000D software.

S1000D Authoring as a Service!

Would you prefer to outsource your S1000D delivery to an S1000D expert?  No problem, the ADG Team and our local Partners in every country around the world can assist in preparing your manuals and S1000D data delivery,  Ask us how!

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