“ADG’s integrated software suite works together to provide technical and procedural information, maintenance planning data and integrated training packages, that will reduce our operational costs.”  Read more

Dan LeBlanc, Technical Writing & Training Manager

“Boeing Australia has a long standing relationship with ADG and has selected R4i as a cost effective solution that provides the features we require to meet our customer’s expectations.”  Read more

Steven Grant, Product Support Systems Integration Manager
Boeing Defence Australia

“A correct decision no doubt, was made by the Tender Board in engaging ADG for this contract. I must say, hats off to your staff for their timely deliveries during the review, correction and acceptance stages.  I have never worked with such a committed group.”  Read more

Client, Defense Industry
(Contact details available on request)

“ADG’s online training system is easy, allowing people to work at their own pace. The statistics collected by the system allowed management to understand student performance, giving a benchmark for who is going well and who is struggling with the topics.”

Client, Defense Industry
(Contact details available on request)

“It would be remiss of me not to write and thank you for the positive way you have interacted personally with me in the executive of the recent… contract. I found you all to be not only professional in your dealings with me, but able to create a relaxed while at the same time, efficient and effective environment for achieving the particular outcome our interaction at this time required.”

Name withheld
Royal Australian Air Force

“One of the major reasons why we elected to purchase the R4i software was the feeling that we could work closely with you guys in the future for our mutual benefit. Last week’s training went very well and I was very grateful for your assistance. All of the guys enjoyed the course and especially your informal yet very instructive delivery style.”

Executive Consultant
LSC Group (UK)

“ADG had the best understanding of our requirements and a cost effective solution. They could also provide us with previous experience in projects of a similar nature, which was important.”

Mark Williams, National Technical Support Manager
NRMA Motoring and Services

(On S1000D training) “Complex subjects and concepts were explained patiently and well. Once we were grounded in something, we moved on, so it was a great pace. Thanks!”  Read more

Client, Defense Industry