The famous American speaker Tony Robins believes “change is inevitable, progress is optional”. Having been in the technical data field since 1990, I know he’s right!

For the last two years, ADG has seen a sharp rise in demand for S1000D software and services.  Demand for virtual training is especially high and ADG trainers have been especially busy. To meet this demand, I have expanded the ADG partner program to put ADG products and services closer to customers.  Further to this expansion, ADG and aerospace specialist AEC formed a joint venture in January to bring the OneStrand company to the Technical Data market place. OneStrand combines the power of the R4i S1000D Product Suite with AEC’s extensive experience in technical documentation and information services.

With the change in tempo and strong customer growth, change is the keyword for the ADG team.  For me, the need to embrace change and champion progress in 2016 is my focus.  ADG are releasing a new mobile friendly website along with a new Licensing and Support Portal to improve the customer experience, and timed ready for the version 9 release of the R4i Client, Desktop and Viewer software.  With the new support portal we are reviewing our support processes and are beefing up our QA team.

The market place is changing too.  Old established players are moving to emerging markets beyond technical data management and small software companies are filling the gaps.  Customers are wanting more flexible licencing options and need be able to publish anywhere.  ADG has responded to these market demands with our OneStrand AIR hosted S1000D products, available from the OneStrand Online Store.

To quote the Greek philosopher Socrates, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new”.  ADG combined with the OneStrand Team are doing exactly that.  We will continue to drive innovation and drive change in our industry.  At ADG, change is welcome and progress is expected.

Tammy Halter