Absolute Data Group (ADG) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, award-winning technology company. We are highly regarded for building integrated solutions that simplify the management of mission critical assets.

ADG assists clients to create, manage and leverage technical data and maintenance information that is vital to the operation and maintenance of their complex assets, ranging from helicopters and jets, to ships and cars.

 Our Vision is….

* To deliver quality information delivery solutions, focused on value creation for our customers.
* To establish an enviable business culture that attracts people and facilitates both corporate and personal growth.
* To be recognized worldwide for our solutions and customer care.

Our Mission is….

* To be the most valued S1000D software in Industry.
* To expand our market presence through strategic partnerships.
* To accelerate new opportunities through continuous technological innovation.

Our Values are….

Service Excellence – We are dedicated to exceeding customer requirements and honouring our commitments.

Flexibility – We know every customer has unique requirements.  We are flexible to your changing environment.

Motivated – Your project delivery requirements are our highest priority.

Leadership – We share our industry knowledge and experiences with our customers and each other.

Respect – For our customers, suppliers and staff.  We care about who you are and what you do.

Innovative – Customer driven innovation that is the most useable technology in industry.

Teamwork – Your project is a shared goal.  We will communicate, execute and review.

Balance – The ADG Team work in a flexible office environment that ensures family comes first.

Ethical – In all areas of business we operate strictly within the law and with integrity.

Core Belief

Our people are the companies most important asset and sharing these common values facilitates our competitive advantage.