RailDex Compliant Railway Rolling Stock and Asset Management Solutions

Need to improve rail production and streamline maintenance, while adhering to the RailDex Specification?

Streamline the configuration, production and maintenance of your rollingstock with R4i BuildPoint – a RailDex compliant, intelligent asset management software solution that helps you to seemlessly flow product engineering data from configuration right through to product delivery.

R4i BuildPoint does this through its powerful combination of asset configuration, asset maintenance, parts management and personnel optimization.

You will no longer need to worry about production line delays, staff or equipment downtime, having the right parts, or managing risk from equipment failure, thanks to R4i BuildPoint’s smart production line, maintenance and forecasting tools.

Solving the asset management challenge for rail companies

Gain a detailed view of all your assets, from your support equipment and cars, through to parts in your warehouse and staff at one or more sites.  For serious rail companies, spreadsheets, paper files and multiple disparate systems just won’t do.  There’s simply too much risk and money at stake.

R4i BuildPoint gives you complete visibility of all your trains and equipment, using your web browser, iPad or tablet PC.
By investing in this easy-to-use system, you will save time and money by:

  • Quickly and easily configuring new models or variants, with the relevant documentation and user guides
  • Optimizing maintenance and staff scheduling
  • Streamlining your warehouse and parts ordering
  • Integrating sub-contractors into your production line
  • Quickly producing bills of materials, maintenance schedules, costings, user guides and other support documentation.

Who benefits most?

R4i BuildPoint is predominantly for use by manufacturers who have long life assets, produce multiple variants of an asset, or have a high level of product complexity. So it’s ideal for rail manufacturers.

Need a variation of a current train to meet client demand? By re-using data already inputted into our system for pre-built trains and assemblies, you can quickly make changes to a configuration, and output all the required information you need instantly, literally within minutes. Build cards, full configuration details, maintenance schedule, task cards, bill of materials, training manuals, the lot. So no more copying and pasting from one document to another.

Who should use R4i BuildPoint?

  • Rail companies that need to closely monitor their on-site and sub-contractor production lines.
  • Companies wishing to leverage production data to build new models or variants of existing trains, to meet diverse requirements.
  • Companies that need to protect and maintain their trains and equipment, yet also maximize their availability.
  • Companies that need to know the build history of a train at any point in time, to ensure product integrity and quality.
  • Rail companies that want to optimize product delivery and supply chains to increase production.
  • Companies wanting to minimize equipment and staff downtime, through superior forecasting and parts ordering.
  • Companies wanting a competitive advantage through superior technical documentation and compliance with international standards or regulations.
  • Rail companies needing to generate reports on build progress, costings, equipment maintenance history, staff utilization and inventory levels.

What is RailDex?

Raildex is an initiative by the Rail Industry, launched in 2013 to offer a consistent exchange of maintenance documentation in the railway industry between ALL – OEM, Integrators and Operators.

The RailDex working group presented at the S1000D Conference in Vienna in September 2013.  A copy of the presentation is available here.

Find out more

Ask the ADG Team how we can deliver your technical documentation to this industry specification.