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What’s NEW in Version 4.2 of the S1000D Specification?


To answer that question, join Tammy and Reeta to discuss the key changes and updates
that have been implemented 
within the latest version 4.2 of the S1000D Specification                                                     

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AUS (AEST): 4:00pm Tues 18th April, 2017
India (IST): 11:30am Tuesday April 18th, 2017
EURO (CEST): 8:00am Tuesday 18th April, 2017



AUS (AEST): 8:00am Wed 19th April, 2017
USA (PDT): 3:00pm Tuesday April 18th, 2017
Canada (EDT): 6:00pm Tuesday 18th April, 2017


We hope you can join us for this informative webinar session.


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