Combine Product Lifecycle Management, Asset Maintenance and Technical Documentation software and you’ll have R4i BuildPoint – the most valuable and powerful software for manufacturers of complex assets.

R4i Buildpoint is an intelligent, cost-effective software solution for companies seeking to use superior configuration management, asset maintenance and technical documentation as a competitive advantage.

No other system offers such a unique and powerful mix of functionality, where you gain one overarching view of all your assets, from your own machinery, through to products progressing through your production line and onto client sites.

Gain greater speed to market

When developing new products or models, R4i BuildPoint gives manufacturers greater speed to market through:

  • its configuration management capability
  • increased collaboration between engineering, production and maintenance teams
  • decreased costs and hundreds of hours saved in the preparation and delivery of technical documentation, that can be created ‘on the fly’

Powerful Features and Benefits:

Configuration management – Maintenance tasks and engineering documentation are linked to parts, components, sub-assemblies and assemblies. This makes it easy for engineers to easily configure new products or models, and then produce the relevant technical documentation for that specific configuration in a matter of hours, not weeks and months.

Speed to market – R4i BuildPoint provides automated generation of product configurations, bills of materials (BOM), maintenance schedules and task cards – specific to each product line. Using R4i BuildPoint, you can quickly produce costing projections, maintenance schedules and materials lists from pre-built systems and assemblies.

Collaboration – R4i BuildPoint combines Product Lifecycle Management with technical data control to provide you with one commanding view of your products. This enables engineers, designers and supply personnel to easily collaborate to manage the design, production and maintenance of complex products.

Prototype and costings manager – Develop product configurations using your inventory of components and assemblies, to benchmark product costs and production time.

Protect and maintain complex assets – R4i BuildPoint offers an optional integrated asset maintenance module which includes task cards, field service and inventory control. This allows your end-clients to take control of leased assets via your R4i BuildPoint Maintenance Portal.

Control engineering changes – Utilize the powerful Workflow tool to collaborate, authorize and monitor changes to product design and production. Knowing the state of your assets can reduce risks as a result of unknown product changes.

Auto generate complex support documentation – Automatically produce documentation specifically applicable to any product. No longer will you need to manually produce a bill of materials, support information and configuration data each time a product changes.

Want to know more?

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